Angry Birds – It Will Leave You Fuming for More

Looking for a new exciting game that will give you countless hours of fun? Tired of the same old boring puzzle games? Want more than the average time killer? Then the angry birds app might just be that extra kick that you are looking for. This game rapidly gained popularity because of its rare features, its game designers managed to capture the elusive perfect blend of a solid gameplay, a hilarious storyline, and enthralling stages, to come up with this new action packed angry birds flash game. The puzzle themed game will surely give you a challenging and exciting time trying to find a way to break down the enemy’s defenses to take back what is rightfully yours.

The angry birds flash game was first developed by Rovio Mobile for the Apple smartphones and tablets, it popularity though allowed it to cross over to a variety of other consoles like android phones and the personal computers. The story behind this puzzle based video game is about a group of cute but furious flightless birds who had their eggs stolen from them by their evil enemy pigs, the birds are now doing everything in their power to get those eggs back and punish the malevolent pigs in the process. When playing the game for real, you will be given control of a huge slingshot and you will have the power to hurl the angry fowls at the enemy pigs places in different strategic locations across the battlefield.

As you move through the stages of the game, you will have access to more birds with an arsenal of special skills that will make quick work of the enemy, be warned though, that the enemy will also get stronger upgrades and will try to outwit you by using various shelters to shield themselves from your attacks, it will be up to your clever strategies and quick reflexes to find a way around these seemingly insurmountable barriers, take back what was stolen from you, and bring your enemies to justice.

Since its release, the game has enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the gaming public and since then, the game producers have been developing new versions of the angry birds app for all sorts of gaming platforms and consoles. A few special versions of the game have also been released to coincide with events like special holidays, the most recent of which is the angry birds Rio edition that is a tie in with Pixar’s animated film, Rio.

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